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Discover our world of clean haircare

Learn about all we do at Briogeo to ensure
that every product we create is as extraordinary as you.
For all hair types and textures.

The healthy haircare experts

We're always meticulously innovating—creating formulas that are better for you, and better for our planet.

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Learn about the controversial ingredients we always say no to.

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Clinical Trials

We invest in clinical testing that proves the efficacy of our formulas.

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The formulas that started it all

10 years ago, our groundbreaking innovations launched—and today we're proud to say they're cult-favorites. Use both weekly as the foundation for your healthy hair routine.

Don't Despair, Repair!™

Rosehip Oil + Algae

Deep Conditioning Mask

6 Allure Reader's Choice Awards
8 Beauty Editor Awards

2x stronger hairafter three uses

smells like:clean soap, floral, woody finish

Scalp Revival™

Charcoal + Coconut

Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

1 Allure Best of Beauty Award
6 Beauty Editor Awards

82% less dry scalp flakingafter two uses

smells like: whipped cream, fresh mint, vanilla

A decade of innovation, a lifetime of inspiration.

Discover how our founder and CEO, Nancy Twine, built Briogeo on a foundation of love, invention, and inclusivity.

a soul-searching journey begins

I'm Nancy Twine, the Founder + CEO of Briogeo.

I began my professional career working in Finance—but almost halfway through my career, my world changed after I suddenly lost my mother.

Briogeo founder Nancy Twine sitting in a chair looking right

This journey led me to reconnect with memories that brought me the most joy + happiness:

the times I spent with my mom when I was young, concocting beauty treatments from scratch in our kitchen.

Green leaves next to a few drops of clear oil

As a doctor and chemist,

my mom understood how to emulsify oil and water, create incredible textures, and make customized products from natural ingredients perfectly tailored to our needs.

Dr. Rebecca Twine, Nancy's mother, sitting in front of lab equipment and smiling at the camera

Ultimately, I realized I had a deep desire to make a larger impact on the beauty world.

This inspired me to embark on a journey to develop my own line of carefully crafted, clean, and plant-based haircare.

Briogeo founder Nancy Twine wearing a lab coat pouring ingredients from a small beaker into a larger container

From day one, I knew I wanted Briogeo to be about more than just me.

I wanted it to be about everyone, offering solutions for all hair types and textures.

Nine circular images of women with diverse hair types smiling and showing Briogeo products

The journey continues.

A decade later, we haven't lost our entrepreneurial spirit. We're always looking toward the future: constantly innovating and discovering new ways to boost your healthy hair confidence.

Destined for Density Peptide Density Serum laying next to an open container of Scalp Revival Micro-exfoliating Shampoo
Briogeo founder Nancy Twine sitting behind a desk looking to the left and smiling
listen to the full story

How I Built This: with Nancy Twine

Listen to Nancy Twine speak with NPR's Guy Raz on Briogeo's story and success.

commitment to inclusivity

All hair types + textures welcome

Briogeo is built on the belief that everyone deserves the confidence that comes from healthy hair. We're committed to innovation with inclusivity at the forefront.

The Briogeo Community's Impact

1% of every Briogeo purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.

Check out the impact the Briogeo community is making below.

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